There's more to us than metal and wheels.

Sometimes the best way to describe who we are is to tell you what we’re not… we’re not a bus operator, we’re not a travel agency, we’re not a broker, nor are we a destination management company. You’re now thinking, wait, I see buses right above this text, so what’s up? Well, we specialize in the planning and coordination of all types of transportation. We’re the folks who know where to find vehicles when the big game is in town, we find the round-about way to your event when the highway is backed up, we park 30 motor coaches in a parking lot big enough for 20, and even put on what music you want played when your folks are driven back to their hotel. In short, we’re the people who you throw your transportation planning to then sit back and not worry about it.

We are Stewart Transportation Solutions, Inc. (STS) headquartered in Music City (Nashville, Tennessee), with an office in the Emerald City (Seattle, Washington). We’ve been to just about every city in between helping our clients with transportation for their conferences and events. We are a little bit different and we might even surprise you when it comes to what you thought about transportation. So, come on in and learn a little bit more about STS.

Green Living
Taking care of our planet's resources is very important to us. See what we are doing to protect our environment.
High Fives All Around

With over 12,000 attendees, 40+ hotels, and torn up streets, I was amazed to see the conference shuttles and event…

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